Hats Off To Hats!

Remember the days where a lady didn't leave the house without her hat.  

Unfortunately I don't as I'm not old enough but boy I wish those days would come back! I have a few vintage hats in my collection and I'm sad to say they don't get much use. But after going to the Love Vintage Fair last weekend and seeing the amazing hats I want to change that! 

Maybe I could take up the tradition of buying a new hat every year, hell lets throw in a new matching dress while we are at it!

Martha says it quite well..

"A hat is a flag, a shield, a bit of armor, and the badge of femininity. A hat is the difference between wearing clothes and wearing a costume; it's the difference between being dressed and being dressed up; it's the difference between looking adequate and looking your best. A hat is to be stylish in, to glow under, to flirt beneath, to make all others seem jealous over, and to make all men feel masculine about. A piece of magic is a hat." (Martha Sliter)

My favourite hats were from Circa Vintage Hats who imports original vintage hats from New York, Chicago and Paris

I was also excited to discover Julie Fleming who makes the most beautiful vintage styled hats and hosts classes where you can learn how to 
make your own hats. 

On my wish list it goes!

laura x

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