Donna Flower Fabrics

*** WARNING *** 
 For all the fabric hoarders out there be prepared to add to your fabric stash if you read this!

 Donna Flower is the place to go for vintage prints, she scours the land to bring us the best fabric, trims and buttons I've seen in a long time!!

laura x


The Scrubba

My partner and I are heading off on a big trip in a years time and my very thoughtful friend Lou gave me this little travellers gem... 
the scrubba wash bag.

I'm planning to use it to store dirty clothes in my bag until its time to wash!

laura x


She said it best... Margaret Atwood

I myself have 12 hats, and each one represents a different personality.  
Why just be yourself? 

Margaret Atwood


laura x


Mrs Depew Vintage Coat Patterns

I was looking for some vintage coat patterns as well for my new winter coat and came across the vintage patterns of Mrs Depew

All of her patterns are from a French pattern drafting system fairly similar to the Lutterloh golden rule patterns, where you draft a pattern to your exact size from the miniature pattern template and specially designed rulers.  

Very interesting as I have never done this method of pattern drafting before. 
She had tons of great dress patterns as well.

I'm very happy with this new find!

laura x



The Girl Crush Girls

I find fellow women so inspiring and love to hear their stories. So does Wendy who was lost on where her career would head after having children so looked to others for ideas.

She introduces you to film makers, radio city rockette and candy makers on Girl Crush

laura x


Coat Patterns From Burda Style

The chill is here and I'm thinking of making a new coat. I checked out Burda Style first, they have a great selection and these patterns have made the short (or not so short) list! 

 I should have started in the summer as I think it will be next winter before I decide on a pattern and actually get it sewn up!

laura x

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