Bell Tent Dreaming

One day I will live in the country and have a bell tent. Full of carpets, a comfy bed, decorated with flowers and colourful fabric, at night it glow with twinkling lights.

We will all sit around a beautiful bonfire, eat delicious food, drink wine, play the guitar and laugh!

Ok enough daydreaming back to work!!

laura x


Daniel Carrillo

Aren’t Daniel Carrillo’s portraits stunning!! 

He’s currently accepting portrait commissions. 
Too bad I’m not in Seattle I’d love to have one done!

laura x


Tilta Swinton and W Magazine

I think Tilda Swinton is such an intriguing person.

She has such daring unique personal style, is a great actress and reminds me of David Bowie.

I love her in this W editorial and her green eyes, WOW!

laura x


Win a Mina + Oli coin purse!

If you sign up on Mina + Oli’s Facebook page you will be entered into a draw to win this pretty blue preloved leather coin purse! 

Plus if you refer three friends to sign up you will have the chance to win an even bigger and cooler prize!

Click here to enter!

Fingers crossed! 
laura x


Naomi Lingerie - Koneko

Loving my firend Naomi's new collection! 

She says... 

"I named Koneko it means a kitty in Japanese. It's cute and sweet but naughty, like a cat."

How cute is that!

laura x
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