Bailey Nelson

I'm as blind as a bat and wear contacts every day. 

I wear glasses at night to give my eyes a rest. 
My glasses are still the ones I had in high school, 
yes that old! 

So I thought new year...new glasses!

 I picked up these lookers at Bailey Nelson 
for a steal!

laura x


Flowers To Save The Date

One day I might just need one of these and can't imagine one more beautiful than this lovely design by illustrator Lisa Hedge

laura x



Don't know what to do with all you old jeans? 

Well you could take some inspiration from artist
Ian Berry who only works in denim and do some denim art!

Stunning work!


Treasures From Home

My mom came to visit me from Canada and brought me some old family treasures.

 Yes I'm sentimental!

laura x


She said it best...Julia Child

I enjoy cooking with wine, sometimes I even put it in the food I'm cooking.
                                                               - Julia Child

laura x
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