Positive Posters

I think every one needs a positive poster in their space for those days tinted by the blues.

Positive Posters comes to the rescue with their competition for graphic designers to create a poster around the "a glass half full" theme. 

The winning poster will be posted all around the streets of Melbourne.

Very cool!

Would it be too naughty to steal one off the street?

Here are some of my favorite finalists...

laura x


Mina + Oli Fashion Show Pics

The pictures from mina + oli's first fashion show 
arrived today!

I'm very excited to share them with you!

Photos taken by Patrik Nemes

laura x


Dear Santa

I would like to start my wish list a bit early this year....

 As my favourite designer is John Galliano 
I would LOVE LOVE LOVE the new Backstage Dior book by photographer Roxanne Lowit.

My coffee table will not be the same without it!!

laura x


Intense Violet

I have been experimenting with dyeing lace and love the results!

I used Dylon intense violet permanent fabric dye. 
Good for cottons, wool and silk.

First wash your fabric and leave damp. 
You then mix the dye with 500ml warm water, add 5tbsp salt and
add that mixture with 6 litres water. 
Stir for 15 min.
Thankfully I have a big stainless steal sink in the laundry room that's perfect for this!

What great colour!

After your 15 min is up stir occasionally for 45 min.

Let dry way from direct sunlight.

The end result...
A mina + oli bag with some intense violet lace!

laura x


Vogue Italia's Unnervig Shoot

Tongues are wagging at the latest shoot by 
Steven Meisel based on the oil spill on the 
Gulf of Mexico. 

 Vogue Italia website says they are "Unforgettable images, created purposely to unnerve the viewer, capture the reality of the situation."

I say good for them, fashion has always been influenced by world issues, so why can't the editorial pages as well! 

What do you think?

laura x


Post Card

The fashion show was a huge success! 

Pics on the way! 

This was the mina + oli post card that was a little present in all the gift bags!

laura x
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