Happy Holidays!

When I was three months old my family traveled all around North America in a 32 foot trailer.  

My first Christmas was in California. 
Mom bought this little christmas tree on Christmas eve. 

This year she has come to visit me in Australia and brought my little tree with her. We still have the box and most of the original decorations. 
Its' looking a bit aged but then again 
that was 33 years ago! 

I think it's the most beautiful and special little tree!

Hope you all enjoy the holidays!

laura x


She said it best...Colette

The cat is the animal to whom the Creator gave the biggest eye, the softest fur, the most supremely delicate nostrils, a mobile ear, an unrivaled paw and a curved claw borrowed from the rose-tree.
                                                                  - Colette

laura x


North Melbourne Market

Have you been to the North Melbourne Market yet? 

Its in a super cool building that is also a Lithuanian Club where creativity abounds with stalls full of cute goodies around every corner!

Mina + Oli will be there on a special night market, this Friday the 14th 5-10pm

laura x


The Big Design Market on TV!

The Big Design Market will be the biggest market of it’s kind in Australia, bringing together the best of independent Australian and international design over 3 huge days. 

The iconic Royal Exhibition Building in Melbourne will provide a stunning backdrop for fashion and accessories, lifestyle and kids products, stationery and books, homewares and textiles. This is a truly unique shopping event not to be missed!

They are even on tv!!
See the ad here

laura x


The Big Design Market

The Big Design Market is on this weekend. 

It's going to be a doozie! 

So make sure you come down and check it out.

Mina + Oli will be there!!

laura x


Arian Behzadi

I have a mixed media collage crush on Arian Behzadi who between his Biological Sciences major does some very cool work!

laura x


Canadian and Australian

Tomorrow I stand and say my pledge of commitment to Australia at my citizenship ceremony!

I will have dual citizenship, 
Canadian and Australian! 

What a great combo!

laura x


Mina + Oli Sale

Jump over to the Mina + Oli store as all items are on SALE... just in time for the holidays!


laura x



Mina + Oli & Gouniq

The new online super store Gouniq is giving us both a chance to win $1000. 

If the Mina + Oli store gets the most votes I win a $1000 and for voting you will be in the 
running for $1000!!!

laura x


Classic Movies

 I love watching classic movies, especially the ones from the 1930's 
as that is my favourite time in fashion.

Here is what I have been watching lately...



 Adam's Rib

Mata Hari

laura x


Jeff Depner

 Jeff Depner's colourful geometric paintings are on
 the "when I have my own house" wish list.

 I think they would brighten up any room!

laura x



Paula González from Phaulet was on to a good thing when she decided to design textiles with collaged images and reworked illustrations from old books and encyclopaedias. 

Love the Motmot bird one!

laura x

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