Chen Man

Photographer Chen Man teamed up with ID Magazine and did 12 covers in honour of the Chinese New Year.

Stunning results! 

Images via TrendLand

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The Good Machinery

The Good Machinery brings us The Strange Planet where plastic animals have been given a cool paint job!

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Finders Keepers Market

Mina + Oli is very excited to be a part of the 
Finders Keepers Market this Friday and Saturday!

Come down and say hello!

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The French blog Griottes is bursting with 
colour and inspiration!  

The photos of the food are brilliant, fun and 
I must say... total food porn!

I wish I had paid more attention in French class now so I could actually read the recipes!

Love these cute Pantone colours done in food!

laura x


Happy Shop

I think with the days getting shorter and the chill in the air here in Australia, I am feeling a bit blue and am even more drawn to bright happy colours.

The Happy Shop, a new concept store in Berlin certainly makes me look on the bright side!

 Images Via Honestly WTF

laura x


Op Shop Finds

I am a total op shop addict. I think it's the allure of the unknown, the treasure hunt of never knowing what may be waiting for you. 

Last week I scored some pretty cool old books!
Have a look...

Already finished reading this sweet little story!

This little beauty starts out saying "Sensible woman of all ages and in all walks of life consider it part of their business - in fact a duty- to look as well groomed and charming as possible"

It made me feel totally insensible and neglectful of my duties but made me laugh!

"The Professional Look" is
full of 1970's fabulousness but really I would have bought it for the floral cover alone!

How cool is this illustrated craft book! 
I know how to make a Kachina mask jar, Navajo silver belt buckles and a lamp from bottles and horns! I feel a DIY weekend is called for!

laura x
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