Hello 2010!

I have always been the kind of person who lives in the future
(I'm working on the live for the moment thing)

I have a good feeling about 2010 and will be welcoming her in with open arms!

laura x


The 'Me' Wardrobe

I have been a bit slacking in my participation of My Place and Yours but this week's theme of showing your favourite item of clothing was too hard to resist! 

So here is my beloved leather jacket that i have had for around 10 years, it was found in a vintage shop and has followed me all over the world.

It's so hard to find a great fitting leather jacket and this ones a bit tight when done up but looks great undone. I have patched up the lining a few times and should just replace it but i think it adds to its charm!


laura x


Naughty or Nice?

Is it naughty or nice to pick out your own present?

I think it benefits both parties - I get something I like and my partner doesn't have to stress about what to get me. 

So when I saw this beautiful print by Kareena Zerefos I couldn't resist dropping the subtle hint of "I want this"! 

It was on sale too, aren't I nice!

laura x



The Mexican Film Festival is in town once more 
from dec 15-20 

Since I'm trying to learn Spanish I think it's a great idea to go and see at least one film between sewing like crazy. 
It was a great day at the market and I have to replenish my supply of bags! Yippy!

These are the ones that have caught my eye.... you can read about each film on the festival website here


laura x


My Little Helper

I would like to introduce you to my assistant.... 
she is always there to lend a helping hand.

Biting zippers for quality control, 
head bunts for moral support, batting items off the desk to keep it tidy and most importantly testing all bags for comfort!

I'm in a Summer mood and it's all about flower patterns for Mina + Oli linings this week!

I love this tea towel - great texture and colours.

laura x


Girl Crush

I know everyone has one, so why can't I!!
Well when my boyfriend told me for the third time to stop looking at Zooey Deschanel photos I knew she was mine! 

I have been listening to her album
She and Him: Volume One 
over and over again for weeks now, check out the very cute music video here

One of my fav things about Zooey is that she doesn't  take her self too seriously and seems like she would be a very cool person to hang out with.

Some of my fav pic of her....





laura x


Happy Days Equation

hot summer day + cool candy kissed drinks +
  russh mag + fantastic friends
= happy days!

laura x


Eco Innovators

The lovely Leyla Acaroglu has transformed an old news pillar in the Melbourne CBD into a fantastic new store!


All the products showcased in the store are eco-designed and eco-produced in Australia! 
The Eco Innovators website is a great place to have a peek at what they are selling but is also a gold mine of eco info like sustainable consumption and eco design!

I'm happy to say that Mina + Oli handbags are available at the Eco Innovators store!


laura x


My Parents Were Awesome

I just discovered this website today called 
Here are some of the fantastic photos they feature...........





This is a pic of my own awesome parents 
Dan and Jean 

P.S  They are still awesome!

laura x


New Pics!

These are the new pics of Mina + Oli handbags.
I made a light box, bought a tripod and went nuts!
I think they look pretty good!
What do you think?

This beautiful rose was outside my front door and I couldn't resist!

laura x


Time Machine

I make my purses out of leather jackets, so before I can cut the pattern out I have to first 
deconstruct the jacket.
Some times there are holes in the jacket pocket 
and items fall into the lining.

Now sometimes you just get some old tissues, 
not very exciting but this time
it was different!

 This is the story of the blue jacket who was
owned by a woman named...


She shopped at Coles on Dec 17, 1979 
and bought two items worth $1.04

 She was given one cent change, 
 which she lost into the lining of her jacket!


The End

laura x



This week's instalment of my place and yours is "bedside". Now my bedside is not very exciting so I went for what was on my bedside wall....

This is an apron I bought when I visited Thailand, I believe it is a part of the traditional costume of one of the hill tribes. 
Such beautiful vivid colours!

laura x


The September Issue

I finally went to The September Issue and loved it!

I thought it was sad that Anna's family didn't seem to take her job seriously. She was a bit chilly but not the ice queen she has a rep for, she was just doing her job!

Over the years I have saved a stack of the most beautiful and inspiring editorials and Grace Coddington with her wild red hair has been the stylist for most of them.

Here are some pics of the 1920's shoot Grace did for the September 2007 issue




laura x


On the shelf...

I'm trying out my first meme called
the first theme is "on the shelf" 
On my shelf sits some of my op shop treasures...

laura x


Where do you work?

I am extremely jealous of pepole who have a studio space of their very own to make their magic happen.

My handbags are made in my bedroom, which I share with my boyfriend. Thankfully he is one of the most understanding and patient people I've met and does not complain too much about pins and sewing machines everywhere!

Share Some Candy is doing a feature series on creative work spaces! 

Check it out here

This is my own work space series........ 





laura x

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