The 'Me' Wardrobe

I have been a bit slacking in my participation of My Place and Yours but this week's theme of showing your favourite item of clothing was too hard to resist! 

So here is my beloved leather jacket that i have had for around 10 years, it was found in a vintage shop and has followed me all over the world.

It's so hard to find a great fitting leather jacket and this ones a bit tight when done up but looks great undone. I have patched up the lining a few times and should just replace it but i think it adds to its charm!


laura x


The Back Shed said...

Love the jacket AND the brooch.
Merry Xmas!

Sandra Eterovic said...

Hi Laura, thanks for your post! I love your jacket -- that style is so cool and it can literally be worn over anything. I love the contrast of the Lady brooch. Hope you had a great Christmas.

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