Happy Days Equation

hot summer day + cool candy kissed drinks +
  russh mag + fantastic friends
= happy days!

laura x


Eco Innovators

The lovely Leyla Acaroglu has transformed an old news pillar in the Melbourne CBD into a fantastic new store!


All the products showcased in the store are eco-designed and eco-produced in Australia! 
The Eco Innovators website is a great place to have a peek at what they are selling but is also a gold mine of eco info like sustainable consumption and eco design!

I'm happy to say that Mina + Oli handbags are available at the Eco Innovators store!


laura x


My Parents Were Awesome

I just discovered this website today called 
Here are some of the fantastic photos they feature...........





This is a pic of my own awesome parents 
Dan and Jean 

P.S  They are still awesome!

laura x


New Pics!

These are the new pics of Mina + Oli handbags.
I made a light box, bought a tripod and went nuts!
I think they look pretty good!
What do you think?

This beautiful rose was outside my front door and I couldn't resist!

laura x


Time Machine

I make my purses out of leather jackets, so before I can cut the pattern out I have to first 
deconstruct the jacket.
Some times there are holes in the jacket pocket 
and items fall into the lining.

Now sometimes you just get some old tissues, 
not very exciting but this time
it was different!

 This is the story of the blue jacket who was
owned by a woman named...


She shopped at Coles on Dec 17, 1979 
and bought two items worth $1.04

 She was given one cent change, 
 which she lost into the lining of her jacket!


The End

laura x
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