Arian Behzadi

I have a mixed media collage crush on Arian Behzadi who between his Biological Sciences major does some very cool work!

laura x


Canadian and Australian

Tomorrow I stand and say my pledge of commitment to Australia at my citizenship ceremony!

I will have dual citizenship, 
Canadian and Australian! 

What a great combo!

laura x


Mina + Oli Sale

Jump over to the Mina + Oli store as all items are on SALE... just in time for the holidays!


laura x



Mina + Oli & Gouniq

The new online super store Gouniq is giving us both a chance to win $1000. 

If the Mina + Oli store gets the most votes I win a $1000 and for voting you will be in the 
running for $1000!!!

laura x


Classic Movies

 I love watching classic movies, especially the ones from the 1930's 
as that is my favourite time in fashion.

Here is what I have been watching lately...



 Adam's Rib

Mata Hari

laura x


Jeff Depner

 Jeff Depner's colourful geometric paintings are on
 the "when I have my own house" wish list.

 I think they would brighten up any room!

laura x
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