To Clip Or Not To Clip

I usually will pass on a clip on earring at the op shop, as I find they are not very comfortable but these two were too good to pass up!

The diamante and pearls were a perfect for a glamorous 
Marie Antoinette party I attended.

 I fell head over heels for these little beauties!

laura x


Free Vintage Patterns

I feel like I hit the jackpot with my new discovery of

Wendy has collected all the free knitting, crochet and sewing patterns on the net and made a lovely one stop site!

She has them categorised by decade and by type for easy searching.

The 1930's was my first stop and look what I found!!

The fabulous illustrations alone are worth a look.

laura x


Joseph Ford

Fashion and landscape never looked so good! 

Photographer Joseph Ford makes it happen.

laura x


Crochet snowflake!

Is it really almost that time of year? 

Wow its flying by! 

Everyone might be getting this cute little crochet snowflake as a present topper this year!

laura x


Hattie Stewart

Some girls know how to have fun with their work,
 professional doodler Hattie Stewart is certainly 
one of them!

laura x

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