Paula González from Phaulet was on to a good thing when she decided to design textiles with collaged images and reworked illustrations from old books and encyclopaedias. 

Love the Motmot bird one!

laura x


She said it best...Janis Joplin

"Don't compromise yourself. You are all you've got." 

                                                             —Janis Joplin

laura x


The Finders Keepers Market

Mina + Oli will once again be attending the amazing Finders Keepers market this weekend!

A great opportunity to get a head start on the Christmas gift shopping!

 Stop by and say hello!

laura x


Spring in the garden

I'm so glad its warming up! 

My garden is planted, with the help of Mayzie the cat!

The winter crop of broad beans 
are almost ready to pick.

It's the first time I have grown them and never really ate them before, so will have to look up some recipes to use them in!

Yes that's Mayzie's tail in the pic!

laura x


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