Make you own printed fabric

Spoonflower lets you send in your own image
 and prints it on fabric for you.

The possibilities are endless... 
A love poem, your latest painting, 
or that old vintage photo you found at the market.

Here are some of the creative prints featured on Spoonflowers blog, the winners of cute weekly contest to create fabric prints to a theme.

laura x


Lulu Organices

Lulu Organics is a homegrown holistic beauty company based in NYC. 

I am eyeing their hair powder for the in-between washed days, with amazing sounding scents like:

 vetiver and black pepper
patchouli and amber 
lavender and clary sage 

 A great idea and might just add some body to 
my flat hair! 

They also know how to make some very beautiful 

laura x


Tapestry creatures

What can I say but... 

Frederique Morrel are the coolest artists and if I had lots of money I would collect their fantastic work!

Check out the profile page to see the whole family plus their Jack Russells decked out in tapestry!

laura x


Lana Del Rey

Lana Del Ray seems to get a lot of mixed reactions, you eather love her or hate her.

I don't care if her lips are fake or that she had
a dodgy SNL performance.

I like her voice, her vintage look and 
her songs are fun! 

What about you? Love or hate?

laura x


Cat Fashion

Now I don't think my cat would appreciate
 me playing dress up with her 
but this kitty sure seems to like it and well... 
looks quite dashing! 

Head over to CatAtelier to find your cats latest fashion

laura x



I have joined the flock come fly with me 

I won't apologise for my cheesiness : ) 

laura x


Mary had a little cow

I love when fashion has a sense of humour and well this is pretty funny. 

What do you think?

Photographer: Erick Le Strange
                                 Creative Director: Eli Rezkallah
Fashion Editor: Ryan Houssari
Model: Georgina Howard (Models 1)
Plastik Magazine

laura x


Pam Am

Is anyone else watching Pan Am

The fashion world is buzzing about the amazing 1960's fashions the ladies are sporting. 
And i'd have to agree!
Fashionista has an interview with the shows costume designer and she shares the names of the vintage stores the clothes are sourced from!

Images via abc

I think that Amanda, Christina Ricci's character is my favourite. She has the cutest little hats and dresses.

 Love that Pam Am charm!

laura x


What Do You Tote Around? Part 10

To celebrate the launch of the new 
Mina + Oli tote bag I asked the question...

What do you tote around? 

laura x
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