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What Do You Tote Around?

To celebrate the launch of the new 
Mina + Oli tote bag I asked the question...

What do you tote around? 

Over the next few weeks I’ll be sharing the results with you! 

Starting with the lovely Niki!

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Do It In A Dress

My friend Jane 
(Who has this very cute blog on bike style) 
and I made this dress for 
the Do It In A Dress Campaign.
We are happy to be apart of such a great cause!

Mina & Oli : How a Dress can Change the World.

I woke up to another gorgeous Melbourne day (blessed with a touch of sunshine and warmth) – and excitement ran through my veins as I realised today was the day I’d be wearing a dress that doesn’t look like a school uniform. But NEVER FEAR! I’m still within the scope of my Do It In A Dress Campaign – the dress has been made from a school uniform and upcycled materials by Laura and Jane – two geniuses who form part of the label Mina & Oli.

Laura collects beautiful vintage materials from Op Shops and together they’re turned into a gorgeous pieces (just like the dress you see below). They’re starting their own vintage store in Melbourne called Wishbone Vintage – AND they’re due to launch any day now, so if you like what you see, you can join their mailing list by emailing wishbonevintage@gmail.com.

The dress is stunning – and my Mina & Oli dress day gave me a little more than I bargained for..

Gorgeous don’t you think! It’s such an amazing dress – I honestly can’t believe that it was once a school uniform. I think all schools should take note : THESE are the kind of dresses students would like to wear to school – so much nicer than those outdated things you’ve got the kids wearing these days. Blergh.

This dress has a special meaning for me now too. It’s a reminder of what’s possible. When I sat down at my computer that morning, I came across a status update from Nicholas Kristof – he’s a famous NY Times journalist who is currently in Sierra Leone filming a doco about sexual violence. Here’s what he had to say :
“Amazing day here in Sierra Leone reporting on epidemic of sexual violence, often targeting very young girls. At an IRC center for rape victims, I met a 3-year-old rape victim, then a 4-year-old. I also met a teenager who wanted to prosecute the pastor who she said raped her repeatedly, and tonight we helped capture the man. He’s now behind bars, and the amazingly courageous girls who say he raped them are celebrating.”

This message hit me like a brick to the chest (and no it wasn’t the oversized necklace I was wearing). THIS is the reason I’m Doing It In A Dress – in fact, this is the reason why One Girl was created in the first place.
Do It In A Dress & One Girl are supporting girls who are living in a country that is considered one of the worst places on earth to be born a girl. A girl there is more likely to be sexually assaulted than she is to attend high school – but WE’RE changing that. I’M changing that. TOGETHER we’re changing that.
By designing a school dress, Laura and Jane have literally altered the course of a girl’s life in Sierra Leone. So have Cheryl, Leeyong and all 57 Do It In A Dressers who have got their dress on and are raising funds to support these girls.

I can’t express it enough. But, just, thank you. It doesn’t seem like enough to say, but thank you. On behalf of all the girls out there who’ve been denied the right to education, denied the right to their bodies, to choices and to their life. Thank you. You might never know the difference you’ve made, but you’ve changed a girls life. And for that, THANK YOU.

If you want to help change a girl’s life – head to www.doitinadress.com/chantelle and donate. It only costs us $240 to send a girl to school for a year. Thank you in advance.

Kaditu and her smile
Chantelle x
laura x
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