Home Sweet Home

I had a great trip back home to Canada to visit my family and friends! 

It was a beautiful sunny summer with days filled with freshly picked raspberries, sail boats, road trips, milkshakes and 10 bulldog puppies!

Now it's back to chilly Melbourne which is not so bad because I have a new house to decorate and lots of
Mina + Oli bags to make!!

 Some photos from the trip...

laura x


Window Farms

I really love this window farm project first developed in New York. Due to the lack of space for growing your own herbs and vegies in urban environments, they thought up a plan to utilise the window space. 

 The project encourages you to think up new ideas and designs that fit your space and share with the on-line community, with members all over the world. 

There are how-to manuals available to download on their website Here

I have a great backyard so I can grow my vegies the old fashioned way but just  in case I ever get stuck in an apartment I'm glad to know I have options!

laura x


100 Abandoned Houses

Kevin Bauman started taking pictures as a creative outlet then it evolved into a project documenting  Detroit's abandoned houses. 

Apparently there are a lot more then 100 something around the 12,000 mark. 

On his website he says "Often times, the neighborhoods were almost completely abandoned. In these neighborhoods I encountered concerned citizens, packs of wild dogs, 20 foot high piles of toilets, and houses with the facades torn off, filled with garbage."

I find this so strange, haunting and fascinating! I have so many questions, most of which start with WHY?

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