Old photos from Modish

Over Easter I visited the old mining town of Dargo in the Victorian mountain side and saw some great old photos of the miners and their stylish women.

A long term project of mine it to frame all the old photos of my family that I scanned when I was last in Canada and hang them in my house. I have been collecting picture frames from op shops and have painted them either white or black. Now I just have to print the pictures out and figure out an affordable way to do matting. Any ideas? 

Speaking of old photos...Modish is one of the blogs I regularly follow and I was very excited to hear that a vintage photo post might become a regular thing! 
This is her collection of Portaits of Intriguing People

I love the lady in the throne and the cheeky smile of the kimono girl!

All photos are autochromes from the George Eastman House circa 1910-1920s
See the Modish blog for the links to thier individual pages

laura x


Decades of style

Most of us are 1950's girls but I love the glamour and style of 1920's and 1930's.

I'm very excited to find this pattern company 
They have some lovely patterns that I am dreaming about making! 

What decade are you?

laura x


Loyal Luxe teepee

I think my little Mayzie would look very cute in her very own little teepee! 

Although she might end up using it as a scratching post or just tearing it up with her teeth. 
Why are cats such paper shredders?

You can buy your little sweety one at Loyal Luxe 
(check out the website they have the cutest videos of puppies and kittens!)

laura x


Pringle of Scotland has a sense of humour

I like when companies don’t take themselves too seriously. 

And Pringle of Scotland did just that with 
this cute video!

Now that it’s getting chilly out I’m thinking how nice it would be to own a cashmere cardigan!

Can anyone lend me 300 pounds?

laura x
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