Old photos from Modish

Over Easter I visited the old mining town of Dargo in the Victorian mountain side and saw some great old photos of the miners and their stylish women.

A long term project of mine it to frame all the old photos of my family that I scanned when I was last in Canada and hang them in my house. I have been collecting picture frames from op shops and have painted them either white or black. Now I just have to print the pictures out and figure out an affordable way to do matting. Any ideas? 

Speaking of old photos...Modish is one of the blogs I regularly follow and I was very excited to hear that a vintage photo post might become a regular thing! 
This is her collection of Portaits of Intriguing People

I love the lady in the throne and the cheeky smile of the kimono girl!

All photos are autochromes from the George Eastman House circa 1910-1920s
See the Modish blog for the links to thier individual pages

laura x

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