Bona Drag

Bona Drag is one of my favourite online stores. 

The name means Nice Outfit in a secret language they used in London in the 60's.

 They have fantastic jewellery.

I really love this designer Lindsey Thornburg and her use of pattern.

Also love this dress by Bodkin.

Santa are you listening?

laura x


We missed you!

Tom Ford is back after 6 years away from fashion.
I appreciate his view on media, exclusivity and think it will make his clothing even more sort after. 
Way to go Mr. Ford! 
Read the article on Vogue.com

laura x


The sweetest flower that blows

Mina + Oli coin purse have arrived at the
online store!

Here is a preview, including the fun colourful linings that are hiding inside! 

Why should the outside have all the fun?

laura x


Vintage patterns

I love to collect old patterns but I never seem to get around to making them, it's sad really.

I know how to sew, have lots of machines and can easily make them but I'm always sewing bags or teaching sewing. 
(I work as a sewing instructor part time - love it!) 

I never feel like sewing much in my free time. 
But I think that should change! 

Which one do you think I should start with?

Would make a perfect little back dress!

I like the short sleeve versions; I could do my hair like a Charlie's Angel too!

I think I need one of each style! 
The short one does look quite short thought!!

Never the stripes! 
But "B" with the right fabric: a fantastic evening dress!

I know the perfect little girl for this one!

Oh this one's full of goodies! I really like the pink coat in the middle! Very Audrey!

Elegant, classic! Not sure about the jacket?

One of each again! You can't have too many dresses!

laura x


Minkee Love

Minkee is an illustrator from the U.K.

She has done these bright happy animal prints that I treated myself too.
They arrived yesterday in the mail!

I think it's important to give yourself a treat every once in a while!!

I got a cute thank you note from her. 
It's all in the details!

laura x


Confetti System

I just love the studio shots the shelby did of New York's confetti system.

I have a weakness for all things shiny and sparkly! 
How could you not be happy in that studio?

My favourite are the tassel garlands!  

laura x


My girl!

I know when I started this blog I said I would not post pics of my cat Mayzie but rules were made to be broken! 

This pic is too cute not to share!

laura x
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