Vintage patterns

I love to collect old patterns but I never seem to get around to making them, it's sad really.

I know how to sew, have lots of machines and can easily make them but I'm always sewing bags or teaching sewing. 
(I work as a sewing instructor part time - love it!) 

I never feel like sewing much in my free time. 
But I think that should change! 

Which one do you think I should start with?

Would make a perfect little back dress!

I like the short sleeve versions; I could do my hair like a Charlie's Angel too!

I think I need one of each style! 
The short one does look quite short thought!!

Never the stripes! 
But "B" with the right fabric: a fantastic evening dress!

I know the perfect little girl for this one!

Oh this one's full of goodies! I really like the pink coat in the middle! Very Audrey!

Elegant, classic! Not sure about the jacket?

One of each again! You can't have too many dresses!

laura x

1 comment:

septembre said...

love the first one, classic and cute....

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