Happy New Year 2011!

I have been away hiding in the country, enjoying the fresh air, forest walks and planning my New Year!

I love a good To Do list and this was the ultimate! 
I feel much more focused and relaxed now that all the thoughts swimming around in my head are now safely down on paper and not to be forgotten! 

I hope it will be a good year of growth for Mina + Oli and one filled with adventure for me. 

So a belated Merry Christmas to all and a very
Happy New Year!

laura x



New to hit the Mina + Oli store...

wrist·let (rĭstˈlĭt)

1. A band of material worn round the wrist for
warmth or support.

2. A bracelet.

    laura x



    The lovely ladies at The Clothing Exchange blogged about Mina + Oli the other day! 
    This is what they had to say...

    Sustainable Gift idea for your Best Friend

    08 Dec 10 - By kateluckins in General

    Mina + Oli coin purses made by our lovely swap volunteer Laura make the prefect gift this Christmas. Perfect for your best friend… or maybe irresistible as a ‘gift for yourself’. Made from upcycled leather jackets and fabric they are all one of a kind, filled with character and ultimately sustainable!
    Grab yours today at www.minaandoli.bigcartel.com

    laura x


    Beautiful Creatures

    My uncle has one of North American largest bug and butterfly collections.

    He has travelled all over the world collecting and now has a house packed to the rafters of the most amazing, strange and beautiful creatures. 

    These are some of the butterflies he has framed and I fell in love with and are hanging on my wall.
    They are not endangered!

    laura x


    Just in time for Christmas!

    These coin purses make the perfect gift this Christmas and are now available here

    I love the spotty black one. 

    Imagine walking around in a spotty 
    black leather jacket! 

    Who ever owned this one was sooo cool!

    laura x


    My dirty little secret!

    My dirty little secret is... I love Gossip Girl! 

    My boyfriend makes fun of me, it is a bit ridiculous and I'm a bit old to be watching! 

    But the reason I watch (besides the all the fabulous clothes) is the passionate, tragic, magnetic love affair between Blair and Chuck!  

    Serina and the Nate Dan triangle YAWN! 

    Give me Blair and Chuck any day!

    laura x


    The Rise of Collaborative Consumption

    A few weeks ago I had the chance to see Rachel Botsman talk about her new book  

    A very interesting topic with guest speakers Steve Sammartion from Rentoid, Daniel Nobel from DriveMyCar Rentals and the lovely Juliette Anich from The Clothing Exchange.

    She talked about the rise of practises like organized sharing, swapping, renting and gifting.  I learned a lot that night, now want to rent out everything in my house and can't wait to read the book.

    Has anyone read it yet?

    laura x
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