My dirty little secret!

My dirty little secret is... I love Gossip Girl! 

My boyfriend makes fun of me, it is a bit ridiculous and I'm a bit old to be watching! 

But the reason I watch (besides the all the fabulous clothes) is the passionate, tragic, magnetic love affair between Blair and Chuck!  

Serina and the Nate Dan triangle YAWN! 

Give me Blair and Chuck any day!

laura x


Kim Baise said...

ooohhh! me too!!! i just finished watching the last episode... until january 24th. bummer. i love chuck and blair and i think they're a couple in real life? jen is cool too.
serena always has her mouth open. i wish she'd close it sometimes. she prob. has bad breath:)
hee hee

Laura said...

Haha she does do strange things with her mouth! I didn't know they were a couple in the real world! Need to catch up on my gossip mags! I can see chuck going far as an actor he looks very "Roman" to me! and hot! ;-)

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