Hermione De Paula

Hermione De Paula has a thing for florals and boy 
does she do it well! 

She designs for a girl who is cheeky yet feminine, who's philosophy is 
"I probably shouldn't, but i will anyway".

I think she's found her perfect model!

love her logo too!

laura x


Vimeo Fashion Videos

Vimeo Festival + Awards has some very cool 
fashion videos on its short list.

Which one would you pick?
laura x


Stella McCartney

These photos for the Stella McCartney editorial
in Interview magazine are stunning. 

Love the double exposure. 

You can read Stella's interview here.

laura x


Remix Vintage Shoes

It always seems that vintage shoes are hard to find at op shops, or I see the perfect pair but not my size. Sometimes that vintage outfit does need a vintage shoe to pull it off.

Help is here as vintage shoes come alive again
at Los Angeles's Remix. With cute styles from the
20's, 30's, 40's and 50's all made new.

These are my favourites...

laura x


Carine Roitfeld: "The Client"

Oh, to have Carine's wardrobe or her job! 

I really love her style, a great mix of feminine 
with an edge.  

In this video she becomes the client and tours the top fashion houses, finding her style at each, and ending with her own fashion shoot!

laura x


Paul Graves

I love the work of photographer Paul Graves.

 His website does not say much about him so all I know is he's one creative guy, who sure knows how to make still life come alive! : )

laura x


Pony Anarchy

I just discovered the online mag Pony Anarchy now in it's fourth issue.

It's about creative folk, for creative folk. 

Sounds good to me!

 laura x


Angus & Celeste

While having a stall at the Finders Keepers Market last month, I found these lovely hanging planters from Melbourne designers Angus & Celeste

I like to have lots of greenery in the house, I think it comes from my mother and grandmother who had every windowsill overflowing with plants!

I'm slowly adding to my plant collection and think that these planters are so beautiful and will be perfect for some long trailing ivy!

laura x



I love mexican food, in Canada it was easy to find 
but here in Melbourne not so much.
 So I was excited to find out about Senoritas

I love the look of the place... fun, colourful and amazing artwork!

Their website says they were inspired by Dia de Muertos (Day of the Death) and pays homage to Mexican women and their iconic status, from the Prehispanic to modern times, such as La Malinche, Frida Kahlo, Maria Felix and Salma Hayek.

I can't wait to give it a try!

16 Meyers Place MELBOURNE
 (03) 9639 7437
laura x
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