Oxford Vintage Fair

Found this little gem at the Oxford Vintage Fair!

 Celebrating my find in the famous 
The Eagle and Child pub.

laura x


Vintage at Portobello Market

This was my favorite stall at The Portobello Market.

How cute are those little mannequin heads!

laura x


1940's War Time Dress

I made this Retro Butterick 1946's (B5281) dress pattern for a 1940's war time murder mystery party! I just happened to have a lovely dark green fabric just like in the envelope pic. 

It was a time consuming dress. With cute little asymmetrical details, fully lined and lots of hand stitching. 

I found a perfect hat on e-bay to complete the outfit. It was a winning assemble as I guessed Agent Scott's secret identity!

laura x


Vintage Post Cards

I found these colorful 1920's hand painted photo post cards at Portabello Market in London.

I love the writing on the back,
 Winnie and Dolores what great names!

laura x


Japanese Doona Cover

This project has been completed for a while 
now but I still wanted to share it.

I came across a bag of beautifull Japanese kimono off  cuts all in shades of blue. I fell instantly in love and thought that I would create a patchwork style doona cover for my partner since the colours were more masculine compared to my usual bright style.

I was inspired by the delicate hand Sashiko stitching I found on parts of the fabric and decided to do all the stitching of the fabric on to the base also by hand. Now I must say that there were times where I started to regret this decision but am certainly glad that I stuck with it as my partner loved the final result and so do I! 

laura x


Scarf Tying 101 with Hermes

Spending a year traveling around the world with just a backpack, light packing is top priority. 

After seeing Hermes scarf knotting cards I'm convinced the scarf is one versatile must have accessory.

Unfortunately a Hermes scarf is a bit too pricy but I will have a great time searching the Paris markets for a lovely vintage one!

There are 21 cards but here are some of 
my favourite looks!

laura x


A Crochet Adventure With Plusle & Minun!

These two cuties where made for a special little boy Xavier, who is a big Pokemon fan!

You can find the pattern, plus all kinds of other great Amigurumi patterns at WolfDreamer!

Xavier and his new friends!

laura x
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