Kitty Love

They are lovely where ever you go!

Croatian kitties...

French kitty..

 Italian kitties...


laura x


Crochet Edgings 1850

Traveling has not stopped my op-shop habit! 

And I'm glad it hasn't or I would not have found this amazing crochet edgings book.

Inscribed to Fanny from her sister 
Harriett July 22nd 1850!

I can't wait to try these patterns out!

laura x


The Cloth Shop

The Cloth Shop was a great find in Dublin. A beautiful range of fabric types, prints and other habby. 

I'm always a fan of Liberty prints and loved the animal one! 

If you are not near Dublin any time soon you can buy online. The lovely lady mentioned she has lots of Australian customers!

laura x


Vintage Portraits

I couldn't go past these vintage portraits at a 
street market in a small Scottish town. 

I love the facial expressions, 
clothing and hair styles and poses. 

Andy the man I bought them from said they 
were all from the same album, 
but no names on the back. 

It looks like they were a well to do family!

laura x


Victoria and Albert

One of my favorite places to visit when in London. 

These pics are from the permanent collection as no photos allowed from the Bridal and Italian fashion exhibitions that were on. 

It was a big day of fashion with fitting in the three exhibitions on. I might have been, dare i say a bit fashioned out by the end of the day.
Disgraceful I know!

laura x


Oxford Vintage Fair

Found this little gem at the Oxford Vintage Fair!

 Celebrating my find in the famous 
The Eagle and Child pub.

laura x
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