Vogue Italia's Unnervig Shoot

Tongues are wagging at the latest shoot by 
Steven Meisel based on the oil spill on the 
Gulf of Mexico. 

 Vogue Italia website says they are "Unforgettable images, created purposely to unnerve the viewer, capture the reality of the situation."

I say good for them, fashion has always been influenced by world issues, so why can't the editorial pages as well! 

What do you think?

laura x


Mary-Laure said...

I can see how this could offend some people but at the same time it brings more awareness to the issue.
And the pictures are just spectacular.
What can I say, Vogue Italia always has the best pictures ever!

Laura said...

Vogue Italia does have the best pics ever! Now can I justify buying a magazine that I can't read just for the pics??? or do I just learn Italian!

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