Peppermint Magazine: When Mina Met Oli

I love this funny post about Mina + Oli on the Peppermint Magazine blog. I would love to get my hands on some biker jackets. How cool would the badges look on a bag!

When Mina Met Oli

Meet Mina + Oli: Melbournian designer Laura Thomey’s superbly executed range of handbags and purses crafted from upcycled leather jackets. With a killer new lookbook out, we can only assume she’s been busy sneaking around deserted outback pubs stripping gangs of biker men of their prized second skins and transforming them into these most covetable, recycled accessories. In reality, op shops are where Laura spends most of her time – scouring the aisles for said jackets as well as colourful vintage material, lace and embroidery to add unique touches to each of her creations. Who would have thought the fashion mistakes of decades past would come so good?

laura x

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