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Mina + Oli

Posted by Daniel Dunt on Friday, September 23, 2011 Under: Designers

From the various thoughts which have been rushing through my head over the course of the past day or two alone, I think it's safe to say that the simple things in life certainly seem to be pleasing me a little more frequently than usual; all I can assume is that my brain has decided that college is a little too strenuous and persnickety items which hold large amounts of detail are too much for it to process. The result? My mind is becoming more and more attracted to restricted palettes and shapes, meaning that rather than throwing around my usual admiration for exceptionally over complicated designs from the likes of labels such as Moon Spoon Saloon (for example), I tend to be opting for the slightly more basic items, yet admirable none the less. Hang on a second, it's a Friday night and I've been at college all week; can you blame me?

Note: Just because I'm sat in blogging on a Friday night rather than out with friends, that doesn't mean that I have no life, yet instead that I'm staying true to my studies and blogging; well, that's what I tell myself at-least.

(Image Credit: Mina + Oli Brown & Black Leather Clutch)

A label which popped into mind when I opened up the frequently daunting empty Word document was Australia, Melbourne-based label, Mina + Oli by Canadian designer Laura Thomey. As Laura is somewhat of a new taste on the market, I feel that it would be beneficial to fill you all in a little on Laura's background; you know, where she's from and the aesthetic behind the Mina + Oli label, etc. Laura is a graduate of Ryerson University, Canada and before settling down in Melbourne, Australia had a thing for travelling; which I presume is why she spent six years travelling to various countries around the world and picking up the local cuisine, in fashion terms.

All of the materials which Laura uses in her designs are sourced from local op (charity) shops, as Laura has now developed a love of all things vintage and doesn't like to see materials go to waste, which is why all of Laura's leather-based designs are made entirely from vintage leather jackets, incorporating the original features of each jacket, which of-course means that every design is different in a small yet noticeable way, (smart, right?)

"I find it romantic thinking about the history of the leather. Who wore it? Where has it traveled? What is its story? Old leather has a wonderful supple feeling that only time can produce. It's rewarding being able to use preloved leather in new modern handbags". - Laura Thomey

Note: You can purchase a limited selection of designs via the Mina + Oli online-store.

laura x

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