Winter Harvest

A picture of broccoli you say?

Yes, this is a very special broccoli.
The very first one I have ever grown! 

I’m getting used to the idea of being able to grow something in the middle of winter, as this would not happen back home in Canada. 

One of the many perks of living in the land of OZ!

laura x


memtree said...

nice work laura! growing your own food is so much fun :) it tastes 100 times better too ;)

Anonymous said...

A sample of one of the simple pleasures in life...all the more pleasurable and tasty having grown it yourself.

Laura - Mina + Oli said...

Thanks! It did taste great! I hope to grow lots of yummy veggies this summer. Last year I was at war with snails and slugs, so i'm hopeing they will find someone elce to pick on this year! :-)

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