Eco Fashion - Sass Brown

Recommended as one of the best books about green fashion Eco Fashion
by Sass Brown became a welcomed Christmas present and addition to my book collection.

The impact of fashion on the environment has always been a concern for me and one of the reasons I started my handbag label mina + oli where I use leather jackets found in op shops and give them a new life as a handbag.

This book covers all the different areas that fashion can contribute to the world in a positive action with bios of designers and organisations who are established examples of the future of fashion. 
With chapters on

- Community and fair trade

- Ecological and slow design

- Recycle, reuse and redesign

- New models

- Designer and corporate initiatives

Mona Mohanna has her collection manufactured by Palestinian refugee camps, guaranteeing fair pay and good working conditions.

Camilla Norrback modern luxury line is made from chemical free, environmentally certified natural fabrics.

I have known Preloved since my uni days in Toronto. I always loved visiting their store and seeing all the one-of-a-kind pieces made from reclaimed and vintage fabrics.

Collection Of Hope had fashion students join together to show a 30 piece collection and 50% of the net profit goes directly to Africa to provide children with a proper education.

It’s nice to see the big brands in here too. H&M and Designers Against AIDS, helps raise awareness about HIV/AIDS with young people all over the world.

laura x

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