The Black Dress - Valerie Steele

I love fashion and over the years have collected quite a few fashion related books. I thought that it would be nice to share them with you in a
"on my bookshelf " 
series of posts.

I’ll start out with one of the most classic of fashion items… The Black Dress

Author Valerie Steele starts the book with the history of the black dress throughout the ages. The rest of the book contains beautiful photographs, illustrations and quotes . My favourite being…

Any color, as long as it’s black
–Henry Ford -

Please let me know if you would like any more info on the books I share with you, I'd be happy to help!

laura x


Annching said...

I love that quote from Valerie Steele.

Truth is, I've always had an aversion to wearing black, but after having to wear it for years to work, it has now become the predominant colour in my wardrobe. There is just something so powerful and classic and easy about it - can't really say I don't like it anymore!

Laura - Mina + Oli said...

My friend wanted to borrow a colourful dress for a wedding but I realized most of mine were black.
I agree black is so easy and a classic fall back when in doubt. Also a great backdrop to a fantastic piece of jewellery or other accessory!
You really can’t beat a little black dress!

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