Snail Mail

I love getting the knock on the door from the mail man with parcel in hand, or the little note saying I was not home and to come pick up your surprise.

It's the anticipation, the packaging, the opening - the old fashioned snail mail has a warm place in my heart!

It helps that my family are overseas and I happen to get quite a few "care packages" packed tight with my favourite chocolate bars, news clippings, and fluffy warm socks that only moms seem to be able to find.

So this week when I took my "you weren't home" card to the post I was very excited to find such a cute little package waiting for me all the way from Thailand.

It was the studs I had bought on from a Esty store to do a little stud action on some new mina + oli designs. 

I love the little hand written post-it note and whinny the poo/ piglet sticker, great details that made it feel like it was sent by a friend.

laura x

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